University of Dentistry in Belgrade, Serbia


The University of Dentistry in Belgrade, Serbia is a constituent institution of the University of Belgrade, which offers a wide range of academic courses in Serbian, including specialist practice within a network of hospitals, institutes and medical clinics. The Belgrade Dental School offers a six-year program leading to a MD degree for international students. The studies are conducted within the school premises as well as teaching facilities in Belgrade.

DURATION OF STUDY AND TUITION FEES: University of Dentistry in Belgrade, Serbia
The duration of study for dentistry at the University of Dentistry is 6 years and tuition is 7,000 Dollars per year.

REGISTRATION: University of Dentistry in Belgrade, Serbia
Your admission to the Medical University of Dentistry is our concern. Apply to us and we guarantee you a place.

ENTRANCE EXAMINATION REQUIREMENTS: University of Dentistry in Belgrade, Serbia
The applicants wishing to acquire a degree in Medicine, must successfully pass their admittance multiple choice test in Chemistry and Biology, for which we fully prepare students  to ensure 100% success.
Sample Tests Biology & Chemistry

ACCOMODATING OUR STUDENTS: University of Dentistry in Belgrade, Serbia
Our company is responsible for accommodating the students in their first steps. The students are accompanied by our partners in the given country.
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HOW TO APPLY: University of Dentistry in Belgrade, Serbia
The applicants are required to  complete the on-line application form.

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Serbia, officially the Republic of Serbia is a sovereign state situated at the crossroads between Central and Southeast Europe.
Serbia is a member of the UN, CoE, OSCE, PfP, BSEC, and CEFTA. It is also an official candidate for membership in the European Union which is negotiating its EU accession, acceding country to the WTO and is a militarily neutral state.

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