Comenius University of Dentistry in Bratislava, Slovakia

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The Dean of Comenius University of Medicine and Dentistry (Slovakia) with our Director of Studies Mrs. Evgenia Boubouli
Comenius University of Dentistry in Bratislava, Slovakia is the largest university in Slovakia and most of its faculties located in Bratislava.
All programs offered by Comenius University of Dentistry in Bratislava, Slovakia are accredited by the Accreditation Committee of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic.


Slovakia ranks among the best national public institutions devoted to medical education and research. It is considered to be the opinion leader in preventive and treatment medical programs that participate in many national and international research activities.


After passing the state examination the graduate is conferred the degree MUDr. and MDDr. respectively. The credit system has been introduced that is compatible with the European Credit Transfer System.

DURATION OF STUDY AND TUITION FEES: Comenius University of Dentistry in Bratislava, Slovakia
The duration of study for medicine at the Comenius University in Bratislava is 6 years and tuition is 11,000 Euros per year.

The applicants must successfully pass their admittance multiple choice test in Chemistry and Biology, for which we fully prepare students  to ensure 100% success.
Sample Tests Biology & Chemistry

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The applicants are required to  complete the on-line application form.

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